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WWII Online Standard

First things first, if you don't have a copy of SDOE you will need to buy it. Luckily there are still websites where you can buy SDOE and the good news is that the game is really cheap nowadays. One place you can still buy SDOE is Chips & Bits for about $10.00 U.S.

Patches and Downloads
So you've got your original copy of SDOE sitting on your Hard Drive and your thinking now what? Well over the years the users of this great sim have made patches to improve gameplay along with hundreds of new planes and terrains. Through the recent work of a few people all of these critical files have been placed in self installer packages making it that much easier for the SDOE newbie. Beleive me, you wouldn't be to fond of the old way we had to install these files.

The most important step you can follow is download these files and INSTALL THEM IN THIS ORDER. If you don't you may run into some problems. These files will get you up to the current online standard for flying WWII.

 If there is a readme with a file, please READ IT!

1. Patch 1.5 (665 kb) 
 Fixes some basic game issues

2. Latest Wings with Wires Patch (7.06 MB) 
 Fixes many game issues and adds new features to the game

3. Nations 3.5 (26.7 MB) 
Adds more countries to the game

4. Base Pack (37.81 MB) 
Adds new and improved WW2 aircraft, missions, textures, sounds to the game

5.  BP Reunion fix ( 1.78 MB)
Additional patch fixing some minor problems

6. Static Ground Pack (11.6 MB) 
Adds new and improved WW2 ground/sea units to the game

7. SDOE Terrain mod v1.4 (1.33 MB) 
Fixes many issues with the terrains to be Patch compatible

8. Property Files (66.2 kb) 
Latest game property files

Hyper Lobby
Once you have installed all of the above files you should be up to standard for online play. Of course the next question is, where do I play online now that I have all these fancy new files? Well the Answer is Hyper Lobby or HL for short. Hyper Lobby is an excellent little program designed for playing Flight Sims online with hundreds of other players. You simply have to download the software, create a free account and fly!

9. Latest version of Hyper Lobby 
This takes you to the download page and you will also be able to read HL FAQ's if you need to and it should answer any other questions you have about HL.