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WWI Online Standard

irst things first, if you don't have a copy of SDOE you will need to buy it. Luckily there are still websites where you can buy SDOE and the good news is that the game is really cheap nowadays. One place you can still buy SDOE is Chips & Bits for about $10.00 U.S.

Patches and Downloads
Once again if you are new you are probably thinking there are WWI aircraft also? I swear I bought a WWII flight sim, it says it right on the box. That it does, but then again that box was printed years ago and since then an entirely separate mod called FS- WWI has been developed by the users. It contains over 30 flyable WWI aircraft along with a good assortment of WWI ground vehicles.

It is recommended that you have a separate install from your original WWII install, that way the planes won't get mixed up and you can fully customize one install with graphics and loader screens for WWI and still have WWII separate. Eventually I will explain how to create a second install, but for now, the short answer. Simply put in your SDOE disk and install the game to a different folder from your original, name it Fighter Squadron WWI for example, then proceed with the download order below while making sure you are installing to the WWI directory

(Note - this is recommended, but it is not absolutely necessary)

 To install FS-WWI properly you must do a fresh install of SDOE. This means creating a new installation and installing the files below in the proper order that I've listed below. If you do not do this you will run into some serious problems. ArgonV's FS-WWI Plane Pack website contains more detailed instructions and information about FS-WWI and I highly recommend visiting this site before downloading these files. 

 If there is a readme with a file, please READ IT!

1. Patch 1.5 
 Fixes some basic game issues

2. Please choose one of the following patch options

a. Latest Wings with Wires Patch 
 Fixes many game issues and adds new features to the game
b. FS-WWI Themed Patch 
This patch alters the WWI GUI to give it a WWI look along with WWI era music

3.  FS-WWI Nations Pack v2.0
Adds more countries to the game

4. Full Somme Terrain
Required terrain for WWI flying

5. Please choose one of the following Plane Pack options

a. FS - WWI Plane Pack 4
Adds WWI aircraft, textures and sounds
b. FS - WWI Plane Pack 4 with 8 bit textures
Same as option a but with reduced texture quality for smaller download size

Hyper Lobby
Once you have installed all of the above files you should be up to standard for online play. Of course the next question is, where do I play online now that I have all these fancy new files? Well the Answer is Hyper Lobby or HL for short. Hyper Lobby is an excellent little program designed for playing Flight Sims online with hundreds of other players. You simply have to download the software, create a free account and fly!

7. Latest version of Hyper Lobby 
This takes you to the download page and you will also be able to read HL FAQ's if you need to and it should answer any other questions you have about HL

WWI Terrains
These are optional to download but they add great atmosphere to your WWI flying adventures!

Tobruk Terrain
Desert North African Terrain used in the 1916 Mission Pack

Snowy Somme
A snow covered version of the Somme by Desert Fox.

WWI Rhineland Upgrade
Gives the Rhineland terrain a WWI look! By Blast