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What is the Sheep's Pen?

It occurred to me that while people who currently fly SDOE would know exactly what this site is about, others who stumble upon this site will have no clue what this is all about! So allow me to inform you.

The Sheep's Pen is a website that is trying to centralize all the links to files, patches, planes, user sites etc. for a Flight Simulation called Fighter Squadron: Screamin' Demons over Europe by Activision. Haven't heard of this sim you say? Well that's because it was released in 1998! So why are their still people flying this old flight sim and why are there so many files on this website? That's because Fighter Squadron was designed as an "open sim". This means that the users in the community have the ability to add patches, aircraft, terrains, ground vehicles and so on. Thankfully for us the SDOE (short for Screamin Demons over Europe) community is one of the most innovative and creative around. What started as a WWII flight simulation, has turned into an entirely separate WWI mod called FS-WWI, SDOE also offers drivable ground vehicles with manable positions! We also have one drivable PT Boat now so SDOE has gone to all frontiers. Land, Sea and Air, two World Wars and I even left out the jet fighters. Yep we've got a small assortment of Jet Fighters in this old sim as well, and I'm hosting some of those right here

So there you have it. You know what SDOE is, and you know what the purpose of this site is! If you don't have SDOE go and buy it now, it's practically free! Then try out these amazing user created mods contained within this site.