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This section of my site contains various tutorials and links to tutorials on how to build and modify aircraft and vehicles for SDOE. If you have any tutorials you would like to see posted please send them to me here

SDOE Tools, Tutorials and FAQ's - ArgonV has put together all of the modding tools and tutorials into once nice download here. 

This file contains:
Airfoil editor
OpenPlaneStudio versions 1.03, 1.21, 1.30 and 1.42
Parfile Extractor (Big Munger)
Visual SM
Wing Extractor
OpenPlane Toolkit

Plus over 20 FAQs/Tutorials! 

FM Tutorial
- Explains some of the details about properly modeling an aircrafts flight model or "FM". 

Damage Modeling tutorial - Learn how to create those great damage effects for SDOE.

SnickWerks tutorials - This links to Snick's website where he is hosting several valuable tutorials covering various topics about Open Plane building.

Sv's Open Plane notes - This website covers several different aspects of building aircraft in Open Plane.