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Aircraft Skins

There are literally hundreds of skins out there for the SDOE aircraft, and it is tough to track them all down. This page will not contain a link to every skin ever made, but I will link to, and host some specific skins on this page. The highest resolution skins are 1024x1024, these have the most detail but have larger file sizes, the next resolution size is 512x512 and retain some decent details, are less clear then the Hi-Res but at a smaller file size. For individual WWI skins visit ArgonV's Plane Pack site here. If you have trouble installing a skin check out my new skin installation tutorial Here!

WWII Hi- Res Skins by Wat32

These skins are all by Wat32 and are 1024x1024 Hi-Res. These small screenshots do not do his excellent work justice so download these beautiful skins and take a look at them in game!

F4F Wildcat - "Felix the Cat"

FW-190 D9

Fw-190 - Hubertus von Bonin

Fw-190 - Hans Hahn

P-40 Warhawk - RDAF 

Bf -109 G5

Bf-109 G6 - Heinrich Bartels

Bf-109 F2 Tropical

P-39N - "Quanto Costa"

Bf-109 K4


Bf-110 C5 Desert Camo

P-40 Warhawk -"Texas Longhorn"

Various WWII Hi Res Skins
The below skins are all Hi Res skins by various artists, check the read me file for details.

F4u1a Corsair - VMF 214 "Lulubelle"

P-51D - 356 FG "Short Fuse Sally"

P-51D - 361st FG "Lou IV"

P-51C - 355th FG "Iowa Beaut"

PBY-5A - Africa