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This page contains links to every SDOE website I can find

Archers Flightline - Good info for newbies, including the old install method

ArgonV's - Download skins, aircraft, and new gun sounds for both WWI and WWII at this site

Base Pack Forums - These forums were designed by Moe and act as a backup to the OPS forums. This site is also a place for Base Pack News and files

Biggles 3 =FC= Website contains some great skins

FS Hanger- Razer's excellent website is back up and running! One of the original sites so be sure to check it out!

FS Factory - Find out about future projects, and planes/terrains  in development

FS Gustav - Tons of Planes (mainly German) and Terrain Downloads from a real master

FS Pacific - Beautiful website dedicated to all of the great Pacific terrains and aircraft of SDOE

Harman Motor Works - Brand New site by SDOE's ground vehicle wizard Harman. This site showcases all of his many vehicles and much more

Hip63's Mission Site - Contains all of Major Hippie's latest campaigns for WWI and WWII and some great links

IAC Hanger - Site by my fellow squad mate =V67= HBomb, contains unique aircraft downloads for WWII and the modern jet age

Last Days of the Reich - Contains information and photo's about the forthcoming LDOR plane pack that will contain various Axis and Allied wonder weapons

Open Plane Sims - Get the latest key files, check out the message board, and get developers tools here

Pachy's Website - More great skins

RAF Harkness - Excellent hi res and low res skins for many British bombers

RAF Harkness - Fighter Command - Site by 3dp containing excellent commonwealth fighter skins

RNAS Harkness - Another 3dp website containing excellent skins for the Royal Navy's aircraft

Scorpion Rouge - Parle vous Francais? French website that contains some excellent A/C downloads, worth a visit

SDOE Mania - Another great website by Gustavo that will contain projects from the community, screenshots and more

SimHQ SDOE Forums - Another SDOE forum that is often used when OPS or other forums go down

SnickWerks - Home of the PBY and a bunch of developer tutorials

Tailslide's Air Combat - Hosts multiple downloads for SDOE including all of the SDOE terrains

=V67= Forums - Home forums of the =V67= flying squadron

Wings over Water - Home of water landing aircraft and sea planes of superb qaulity

WWI Links

FS WWI Plane Pack Site - A place where you can pick up the neccesary WWI files

H/C Tank Works - Want to drive WWI tanks and vehicles? then here's your place

Hentzau's website - for WWI files

Wings With Wires - These are the guys currently managing the SDOE patches, and are also in development of a WWI flight sim based on the Open Plane engine of SDOE. Be sure to check them out

Developers Pages

Damage Modeling tutorial - Learn how to create those great damage effects for SDOE

Sv's Open Plane notes - want to learn how to build or work on your SDOE planes? then go here


Last updated - January 05, 2005