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Ground Vehicles

If your new, your probably thinking what's all this I hear about drivable ground vehicles, I thought this was a flight sim? Well your right, but through the excellent work of a bunch of Individuals, Harman being the main one, SDOE now has a fleet of drivable Tanks, Rocket Launchers, transport vehicles, flak guns etc, etc. All with multiple man-able positions! It is truly an amazing project and if you have the HD space I would say go for it, you do not know what your missing!

In game shot of Drivable King Tiger II Tank

WWII Ground Pack 3.0
This file adds a large array of WWII era ground vehicles to SDOE. Once Downloaded BE SURE TO READ THE README, it has critical files that need to be added to your startup.ppf as well as other pertinent information.

Drivable WWI vehicles
These drivable vehicles by Harman are really unique in the sim world, where else can you man the positions of the first tanks in the world! The campaigns that Chaps made are also immersive and spectacular. To learn more about these tanks and vehicles please go to Harman and Chaps Tank Works. It has all the info you need!